Revenue Nirvana


Revenue Nirvana 7 Steps To Accelerating Sales Results

This is the story of one company's journey to Revenue Nirvana. It is fiction, based on real-life business issues.

Don Sirius, the co-founder of Sirius Bond, stared at his sleek laptop, contemplating how to write an email that would change his company forever. He’d spent decades building this business with his late co-founder Jim Bond, and now it was time to introduce the next generation of leaders who will take the company farther than ever before (he hoped). The future of his company – and his legacy – was on the line. Don took a deep breath and opened a blank email.

FROM: Don Sirius
TO: Sirius Bond Employees

Subject: Meet Sam, our new Chief Executive Officer

Hello Team,

I’d like to welcome Samantha (Sam) Caan-Dewitt, our new CEO, to the Sirius Bond family. We are thrilled that she is joining our stellar executive team. Check out her bio here to learn about her background: Sam’s bio.

Many of you have met Sam already through our interviewing process. For those of you who haven’t, she will join us Friday at our legendary company outing. Be sure to say hello. Watch out, I hear that she has a wicked pickleball return!

See you on Friday.

Don Sirius
Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board
Sirius Bond

Sam: I'm Ready for a New Challenge

My husband Tyler and I downsized from a house outside of Boston and opted for a condo near the quaint restaurants and shops close to my new job. We’re enjoying the midwestern vibe and feeling the lake effect, as the weather is called here.

It was an exhaustive, yet enjoyable, interview process with Don and the team here at Sirius Bond Adhesives. I just love that name, Sirius Bond. It reinforces Don’s vision of creating a product line that takes adhesives to a new level. It also speaks to the type of culture that the owners and executive team have worked hard to build. One of commitment to employees and customers. A stick-to-it mentality and mission.

“Sirius Bond” also conjures up a vision my mind of a sentient spy satellite. “Greetings, Evil Villain, I’m Bond, Sirius Bond.”

Oh boy! That’s what I get for re-watching so many of the classic James Bond movies this past year.

But when it comes down to it, I love a good challenge. That’s why I took this position running Sirius Bond, which has strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities. I’ll need to formulate my plan of attack quickly. I’ve got a great Revenue Growth model up my sleeve. My goal is to achieve a significant increase in efficient, predictable revenue in 12 months.

To be continued…

Check out Episode 2, where Sam starts to plot out where and how she can transform Sirius Bond into a revenue-growth machine. Can she deliver Revenue Nirvana to Sirius Bond? Is she ready for the drama that awaits her? We’ll see.