5 Ways Manufacturers Can Gain More Name Recognition


Manufacturers face an uphill battle in terms of name recognition. Throughout history, most manufacturers toiled in anonymity. Today, though, you can’t afford to remain in the shadows. The rise of social media means the rise of social media pressure...but more importantly, it’s a grand opportunity for manufacturers to make a name for themselves.

Why Bother?
You’ve got a pretty good business, so why should you worry about image? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Manufacturing is once again on the rise (finally). Surely you want a piece of the action.

While most manufacturers are sitting on their laurels, you get ahead of the game by joining companies like GE and Caterpillar—and you don’t have to have that kind of budget to be successful. These big guys are already household names, but they’re busy preparing for a future where consumer opinion determines success. Now's the optimum time for small- to mid-sized manufacturers to use digital marketing to GROW.

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Here are 5 ways you can put your manufacturing enterprise in the spotlight and gain more name recognition.

  1. Be the Go-To Guy

Authority is one of the strongest tools you have at your disposal. You’re the expert; it’s time to let everyone know. Decision makers are people just like you and me. They search for information and tend to trust the website that delivers the goods. Fill your site with information and you’re one step ahead of the game.

  1. Know SEO

You can slap any content you want up on your website, but only the best, well-written content stands out and works toward your site’s search engine optimization (or SEO). If your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, visitors find exactly what they’re looking for—fast. SEO and content marketing best practices help boost your listing to the first page of search engine results... and keep it there.

  1. Engage on Different Platforms

GE is literally everywhere. They have social media accounts all over the web and they post every imaginable kind of content. Don’t stop at Facebook. Post interesting content on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and even Vine. (Check out how Cambro Manufacturing uses Vine) You don’t have to be everywhere like GE, but don’t limit your options.

  1. Show and Tell

People are fascinated by process. It starts at an early age, too. “Mr. Rogers Shows How to Make Crayons” has more than 278K views on YouTube.

Here’s how Caterpillar does it. By building sandcastles. Really, really big ones.

  1. Get Involved

If you ignore the occasional (yikes) security camera footage catching employees doing things they shouldn’t, UPS does a great job of showing its human side. The “Wishes Delivered” holiday campaign went viral with the story of an adorable little boy who wanted nothing more than to be a UPS driver. They also helped veterans get service dogs, delivered schoolbooks to children in Malawi, and provided gifts to families at Ronald McDonald House.

Raising your profile on the web extends your reach and polishes your image while building trust and recognition. In the digital world, name recognition is better than bacon.

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