How to Kick-Start Your Business Blog


CONGRATULATIONS — You’ve taken that first, BIG step and created a hub for all your content. You’ve got a business blog! Now what?

It’s simple . . . Kick-start your content marketing by giving your readers what they need FIRST:

Answer your customers’ FAQs.

Every organization has FAQs. These are the Frequently Asked Questions you answer again and again for each new customer or client.

Stop answering these inquires “behind the curtain.” Instead, place these recurring questions “center stage” by turning them into FAQ posts on your blog. Here, you can publicly share your tips and ideas on these common topics — saving you TIME and showcasing your EXPERTISE.

For example:

  • Local florists — Share advice on which flowers hold up best in the heat for a summer wedding and offer plant-care tips.
  • Roofing companies — List the pros and cons of different types of shingles available or explain how to determine if your roof needs to be replaced or can be repaired.
  • Summer camps — Introduce the season’s new counselors or offer a checklist for parents covering what items children should pack.

No matter what industry your business is in, remember:

Although you’re using your blog to market to a large audience,
you’re still connecting with ONE PERSON at a time.

How to Kick Start Your Business Blog by Cultivate CommunicationsWhen writing your posts, think of a particular customer, and write as if you're speaking to him or her directly. Answering questions using a friendly, one-to-one tone is a great way to kick-start your blog and create a helpful Reference Center for your customers. Whether the subjects of your posts are FAQs, tips, current events, industry advances, company changes, or whatever — it’s all “bloggable” material.

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Looking for other content ideas to ramp-up your business blog?

Or for a more in-depth review, contact us for a slew of customized strategies for packing a punch with your company blog. At Cultivate, we’ve always got you covered.