If Content Is King, Distribution Is Queen


Bill GatesBack in 1996, Bill Gates coined the phrase “content is king” to emphasize how a website’s content is essential in attracting visitors. The better your content, the more people would come to your site. Gates realized early on that a website is no different than a newspaper, a TV show, or a musical recording:

To get the most readers/viewers/visitors, you need a great product that people want to consume.

This new way of the world required a great deal of self-publishing. What Bill never told anyone, though, was that self-publishing takes work…a lot of work. Creating original, informative, and helpful content requires a jumbo-sized can of elbow grease and help from nearly every employee.

But there were — and still are — MANY benefits to creating original content. Primarily:

Search Engines Love Juicy Content

Your site’s content — as well as the content you publish via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on — helps drive search engine performance. The more your company looks and sounds like a “guru” on specific topics, the more likely other sites will link to yours...and Google will reward you.

Now remember: Good social marketing requires a delicate balance of both curated and original content. Even so...

Take a moment to consider the content you create from another aspect. Your content is an asset, so the more you create, the more information wealthy your company becomes. {Tweet this.}

There’s a great temptation to borrow other people’s content and simply re-distribute it. It’s fast and easy. And it seems as though everyone is doing it. I mean, how often have you received an email or seen a tweet that simply links to someone else’s content?

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If Content Is King, Distribution Is Queen.

If Content Is King, Distribution Is QueenAre you fully using all the distribution channels that you own or control? Do you know which social media platforms are best for growing YOUR platform? Click here to learn the perks, drawbacks, uses, and features of some of the most popular social media choices out there today.

Lessons Learned
In a new, more challenging era of marketing that includes more and more competitors entering your arena each day, you can do three important things to keep your marketing viable:

  1. Own your content and make it original. It’s an asset that adds to your informational wealth. Don’t fall prey to the urge of simply re-sending other people’s content as a quick fix for staying in touch.
  2. Build a reputation as a guru in your field of expertise. Develop content that is helpful to people and brings real value.
  3. Seek to control distribution. Engage people on social networks as a way to grow channels you control, like email lists and blog RSS readership.

May the tips above give you a more solid platform for building a strong marketing strategy.

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