Cultivate's new content strategy newsletter: AMPLIFY


AMPLIFY content strategy newsletter from Cultivate Communications

Get ready for a lot of new ideas to help grow your business!

Cultivate has launched a new content strategy newsletter that offers exclusive insights into this critically important facet of modern content marketing.

This monthly e-newsletter, called Amplify, will contain strategic advice to help companies unlock growth opportunities by aligning themselves with the way customers buy today.

“For many B2B companies, content marketing is rapidly becoming a more effective way to develop and nurture customers through the buying process,” explains Cultivate president Bob Wendt. But he emphasizes that it must be underpinned with a well thought-out strategy.

Content without a strategy doesn’t have any impact. Our Growth Cycle Marketing framework ensures that our clients’ content initiatives have the proper strategic foundation to be successful,” he adds.

Grow, our existing newsletter, will get smaller and shift its frequency from monthly to weekly, delivering a single compelling marketing idea from the current week’s blog. The insights Amplify contains will not be available anywhere except in the monthly newsletter.

If you already receive Grow, you are already subscribed to get "Amplified." If you don't receive Grow, why not sign up for both newsletters today?

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