Content Marketing Without a Blog


{Content Marketing Without a Blog} Can you do it with a blog? *Yes, sort of...So you already know WHY your business needs content marketing. Now you need to know HOW to do actually do it. The first step in kick-starting your content marketing initiative is simple:

Start a blog.

I can already see you squirming in your seat.

Can’t we do this “content marketing thing”
WITHOUT a blog?

The simple answer is: YES. You can do content marketing without a blog. But first ask yourself, “What is it about starting a business blog that makes you squirm?” Is it that you think:

  • Blogs are only for big businesses with huge marketing budgets?
  • Blogs are just online diaries used to voice your political views or share stories and pictures of your children?
  • You don’t have enough material to keep a blog going for your small business?

Maybe you just need to re-think what a blog could BE and DO for you.

The owner of a Montessori school sat across from me. I rambled on and on about how using a blog would be a great tool for her school. I received smiles and polite nods as I spoke. Halfway through I paused and asked, “Do you have any idea what I am talking about?” She laughed and said, “Not really.” Then I suggested:

Let’s ditch the term blog. Who needs it?

I tried again, but this time I replaced the word blog with the phrase “Parent Resource Center.” Her eyes lit up.  Suddenly the same explanation for this proposed section of her website and what it would include made perfect sense.

{Content Marketing Without a Blog} Can you do it with a blog? *Yes, sort of...So if the word blog makes you twitch, consider using a different, more applicable title for that section of your website.
Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Articles
  • Latest Updates
  • FAQs
  • News & Tips
  • Learning Center
  • Resource Center

The label makes no difference. These navigation titles all take your readers to a place on your website full of useful and engaging content. Sometimes the hang-ups to starting a new marketing approach vanish with a simple change in terminology.

So, now that you realize you can tap into the power of content marketing without a "blog" — you simply need to GET STARTED!

Got other roadblocks stopping you from implementing content marketing?

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