Choose the Right Words


Get Paid for the SEO Key Words You Choose

Years ago when I was first learning to sell media airtime, a sales trainer taught me the axiom, “we get paid for the words we choose.” He explained that by choosing the right words - words that painted pictures in the mind of the listener - I could more easily connect with prospective customers and build value for my proposition. So I learned to pepper my dialog with some of those powerful key words like "profitability" and "return" or "increased store traffic" and, lo and behold, more people connected with my ideas and strategies. Revenue soon followed. This concept holds true in copywriting as well.

Choose the right words and people are more likely to read your content when it stimulates their imagination. More so, choose the right words in SEO, the keywords people are using to search, and customers will find you. It all comes down to choosing the right words.

Do you have any favorite words that help you better connect with other people? What words in your vocabulary are most effective for you? Are there industry terms that build value for your conversations? Let me know and I’ll share all of them in a future post.

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