3 Ways to Attract More Interest in Your Products NOW


You know brands matter, but what about brands as they pertain to manufacturing components? If you think components are less important than the brand itself, think about the last time you purchased a laptop. Were you swayed by the brand name alone, or did you look for a specific type of processor, hard drive, and memory?

3 Ways to Attract More Interest in Your Products NOW

Modern consumers want to know exactly what’s under the hood. Knowledge of manufacturing products informs buying decisions, so it's time to attract more interest in your products. Who better to deliver that information than you, the manufacturer?

3 Ways to Attract More Interest in Your Products NOW:

1. Know Your Audience

Your decision makers and influencers are out there. Connecting with them means knowing who they are, what they want, and where they hang out. To create an effective buyer persona, start with some basic questions:

  • What are their interests?
  • What issues do they face? How do your products help solve their problems?
  • What differentiates your product from the competition? What unique benefits do you offer?

When your website content provides the answers consumers are searching for, you’ll naturally attract more interest in your manufactured products.

Getting to know your audience also means learning where to find them online. While Twitter and LinkedIn groups are great choices for engagement, many manufacturing companies are finding an active audience on photo-sharing and video sites. Instagram, for example, is proving fertile ground, with 86% of top brands actively participating.

2. Get Visual

You know you can find a face-to-face audience at trade shows, but what about online? Some companies are showcasing their products and processes in unexpected ways. Creative visual representation is a great way to make your brand unforgettable.

Take a page from Intel. Is there anything less interesting (in theory) than a tiny chip that fits inside any number of computers? Intel has developed a following independent of the computer built around it by showing consumers just how cool their product is. Check out the Intel Instagram account for ideas.

3. Treat Customers Like Insiders

Your customers want to know everything. Instead of selling, try informing. How and where your product is made is more interesting than a sales pitch. Inside information helps you create buzz. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful driving force at your disposal.

Today’s marketing goes far beyond showing off your manufactured products. Savvy consumers want to work with companies they know and trust, and manufacturers have joined the content marketing movement to make customers want products built around their components.

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Many manufacturers are already benefiting from digital marketing. Showcase your products and inform your audience and interested buyers will find you.