A CEO's Guide to Posting on Social Media


Are you a CEO or company leader who’s afraid to hit the ‘Share’ button? You’re not alone. Leadpostaphobia™ [lead·post·a·pho·bi·a] noun a persistent fear of posting on social media platforms while in a leadership role (see: CEO and C-Suite Executives) Social media has become one of the most influential technologies in the history of marketing and…

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Looking for Social Networking Value? CEOs Link In To LinkedIn Groups


Of all the social networks that have edged to the forefront of the Web, LinkedIn has proven to be of immense value to folks in the business world. Besides offering professionals a personal profile, options to showcase one’s portfolio or the prospect of drumming up new business, the social network provides a myriad of tools…

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10 Social Media Resolutions for 2014


“New year, new game plan” — a phrase I’ve been repeating a lot lately. It’s not surprising that businesses’ marketing plans for the coming year revolve around increasing their social media, visual, and content marketing efforts. Has your business been ignoring the buzz? If so . . . Open up your eyes and ears, my…

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Which Social Media Platform Is Right for YOUR Business?


Hang on to your billboards y’all . . .  The world’s gone DIGITAL! Companies have jumped onto the social media bandwagon for the majority of their marketing strategies — and for good reason. According to Social Media Today, 93% of marketers use social media for business, and 90% of Inc. 500 companies use at least…

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Social Media: A Virtual Roller Coaster Ride for Marketers


GO Big! GO Six Flags! That’s exactly what our Chicago neighbors at Six Flags Great America have done — they’ve gone BIG with their digital marketing. Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to visit the park and interview Katy Enrique, the Communications Manager at Six Flags Great America. Through the company’s online presence, they…

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A CEO’s Guide to Networking Using LinkedIn


Social network choices are growing every day — Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ . . . the list goes on. It’s overwhelming! As a business owner with an already-packed schedule, you can’t possibly take the time to master ALL of these social channels. So . . . If you’re a CEO trying to decide how to…

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Instagram vs. Vine — Which Do YOU Choose?

Dumb And Dumber Landed On The Moon Poster

About a month ago, I prepared a fresh blog post about the latest frenzy in mobile video called Vine (@VineApp). I began using Vine early on and thought about all the ways one could utilize it for business and how YouTube had better watch out. Little did I know that Instagram was about to release…

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Never Use Personal Online Accounts for Your Business


Take a step back and think about this for a moment — Today, the social web is evolving and integrating services with one another so fast that it’s hard to believe where we were only a few short years ago. With how quickly technologies and our social ecosystem are evolving, many businesses have some catching up…

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