5 Ways Manufacturers Can Gain More Name Recognition

Name Recognition

Manufacturers face an uphill battle in terms of name recognition. Throughout history, most manufacturers toiled in anonymity. Today, though, you can’t afford to remain in the shadows. The rise of social media means the rise of social media pressure…but more importantly, it’s a grand opportunity for manufacturers to make a name for themselves. Why Bother?…

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Knocking Modern Manufacturing Up a Notch: How to Attract Top Talent

Top Talent

In the 1950s, manufacturing was the answer to the American dream. High paying, secure jobs with benefits meant a strong middle class and a booming economy. In the aftermath of World War II, nearly 40% of Americans worked in the manufacturing industry. Youngsters aspired to a career in manufacturing and a nice split-level ranch house…

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Cultivate Celebrates Social Media Day — and Milwaukee!


Did you try a new app, join LinkedIn, or come up with a new digital marketing idea on Social Media Day? Equipped with social media–themed treats and giveaways, a decked-out photo-booth van, and a talented Cultivate crew, we hit the streets of Milwaukee’s Third Ward to celebrate Social Media Day 2014! Using the hashtag #SMDayMKE,…

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Happy Social Media Day from Cultivate Communications!

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Everyone at Cultivate is pumped up and ready to celebrate Social Media Day 2014 with crazy hashtags, social themed everything, and lots of laughs. Which hashtag-tee is your favorite? Looking for ways to celebrate Social Media Day in your city? Check out our previous blog post to find Social Media Day events near you AND…

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10 Reasons Your Social Media Efforts Are an Ultimate FAIL


Let’s face facts — your social media efforts have bombed… BIG TIME. How is that even possible? You’re on all the social networks. You have a brilliantly designed header photo. You promote your awesome products and services. So, what gives? While you sit there and scratch your head, wondering where you went wrong, let me…

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Help Us Celebrate Social Media Day! #SMDayMKE

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Monday, June 30, is Social Media Day! Initiated by Mashable in 2010, Social Media Day is intended to “recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes.” Events are taking place all around the country — but how is our awesome city, Milwaukee, celebrating Social Media Day 2014? Cultivate Communications, has BIG plans to celebrate…

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Social Media Savvy: Lead Generation Techniques for Manufacturers


In our recent 2014 Benchmark Study on Marketing for Manufacturers, participants just like you stated Lead Generation is top priority. To tap into more opportunities for lead generation, 53% of manufacturers are using email marketing, while 45% are dipping into social media. A whopping 62% of manufacturers rely on referrals for lead generation, which makes…

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The Power of LinkedIn Groups


LinkedIn is the most powerful social media platform for B2B business – but if you’re new to social media you may need a little help getting started. These additional resources will help you in every stage of your LinkedIn journey: Looking for Social Networking Value? CEOs Link In To LinkedIn Groups A CEO’s Guide to…

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