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Email Marketing

How to launch your first email automation campaign

Email Marketing Automation

In last month’s blog, we talked about what email automation is, and why setting it up should be your New Year’s resolution. Let’s get started! Here are two opportunities where setting up email automation will help move your prospects and customers closer to purchase faster. Opportunity: Following up with prospects after a trade show Your…

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Here’s a new year’s resolution for you … email automation

New Years Resolution Email Automation

Automation is a term near and dear to the manufacturing sector. Since Henry Ford rolled the first cars off the assembly line – making them accessible and affordable for all consumers – automation has been embraced as a huge time-saver in manufacturing. Yet, when it comes to marketing, many manufacturers don’t realize those powerful time-saving benefits…

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4 innovative ideas to build your customer database

CULTIVATE SOCIAL Database 1200x628

How to build your customer database…it’s a tough question that keeps many business owners up at night. You want to reach your customers and clientele on their level. You want to meet their needs, provide service that wows them, and keep them coming back for more. But at the same time, many marketing managers worry…

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How to choose the right email marketing platform

Choosing Email Platform

Email is a critical element of any B2B marketing program because it enables you to communicate with your customers and prospects on a schedule that you control. In addition, if you grow your email list over time, it can become a strategic asset that can help you grow your business. And, don’t forget that costs…

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Rock your list – it's your biggest asset

Rock Your List

Do you have a strategy for growing your email list and using it to communicate with your target audience on a consistent basis? If not, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Email isn’t a sexy topic, but it represents the backbone of nearly every successful content initiative and digital marketing success story you’ve ever heard about.…

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What’s your subscription strategy?

Email Subscription Strategy

In today’s online world, there’s a real danger to “building your house on rented land.” In other words, by publishing your content on platforms and channels you don’t own, you run the risk of them unexpectedly changing the rules and compromising its visibility. Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook. Medium. Apple Newsstand. These and other channels where you…

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The Inside Dirt on Effective Email Marketing

Email Marketing Cvr

The Inside Dirt on Effective Email Marketing Learn how we helped Miron Construction manufacture a new, successful email campaign. Harness industry-leading techniques to manufacture an email campaign that generates REAL RESULTS. Download our FREE eGuide, The Inside Dirt on Effective Email Marketing, to explore an email marketing model that works. You’ll learn by example how…

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