Why do you need marketing communications planning?

Marketing communications planning

As purchasing decision-makers become more cynical and discerning and an avalanche of messages compete for their attention, the risks of “shoot from the hip” marketing have never been greater. Marketing communications planning is an absolute must! Here are four common problems we see and the solutions to them.

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The absurdity of “marketing”

Marketing absurdity

Ask the owner of any company if they do marketing, and chances are, they’ll immediately answer, “Yes, of course.” But truth be told, most are not applying the same level of strategy and rigor as they do in other parts of their business. More often than not, they’re marketing the way they always have: They…

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4 innovative ideas to build your customer database

CULTIVATE SOCIAL Database 1200x628

How to build your customer database…it’s a tough question that keeps many business owners up at night. You want to reach your customers and clientele on their level. You want to meet their needs, provide service that wows them, and keep them coming back for more. But at the same time, many marketing managers worry…

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Rock your list – it's your biggest asset

Rock Your List

Do you have a strategy for growing your email list and using it to communicate with your target audience on a consistent basis? If not, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Email isn’t a sexy topic, but it represents the backbone of nearly every successful content initiative and digital marketing success story you’ve ever heard about.…

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Are Print Catalogs Still Relevant in Today’s Digital World?

Print Catalogs Relevant

Today you can order online, order over the phone, and even order from your phone. With so many choices, where do old-fashioned paper catalogs fit in the marketing mix? Printing and mailing are expensive propositions. Is it even worth it anymore? Are print catalogs still relevant in the age of digital marketing? Oh yes. Here…

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Online Advertising Saturation: How to Rethink Your Marketing Approach

Making Noise

Today’s consumers make buying decisions based on a wealth of information—and the number of sources they access grows every day. Online, they’re looking at consumer reviews, crowdsourcing opinions on social media, reading third-party reviews from a variety of publishers, plus they’re examining the valuable information you offer up on your company website and social channels.…

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Your Brain on Direct Mail


Here is your BRAIN on DIRECT MAIL — It’s a good thing! There has been a lot of chatter going around about print marketing and its effectiveness — Is print still relevant? Does it reach audiences? Is it worth the time and money? Let me answer your questions in one simple word — YES! Don’t…

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If Content Is King, Distribution Is Queen

Queen Is Distribution

Back in 1996, Bill Gates coined the phrase “content is king” to emphasize how a website’s content is essential in attracting visitors. The better your content, the more people would come to your site. Gates realized early on that a website is no different than a newspaper, a TV show, or a musical recording: To…

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Track & Measure OFFLINE Campaigns ONLINE with PURLs


In a challenging economy, marketing teams are increasingly being asked by company management to quantify their efforts. Companies are looking for BIGGER AND BETTER response rates from the marketing channels they’re using. Because campaigns must now work harder than ever, marketing teams are being asked to track and measure each campaign’s effectiveness. Management wants to…

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Is Your Personalized Marketing “Creeping Out” Your Customers?


Remember the ‘80s Rockwell hit song “Somebody’s Watching Me”? Do you feel like somebody’s always watching YOU online? People are starting to get an uneasy feeling about how the data they view or share online is being used by marketers. How your small business uses online data can either STRENGTHEN or DAMAGE your customer relationships.…

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