“We should not look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors.” – George Washington

Happy Presidents’ Day. No matter how you feel about the current electoral prospects, we can all agree our country’s forefathers had great wisdom, and a thing or two to teach us about perseverance, holding steadfast to one’s beliefs, and the importance of a strong and unified vision.

Looking back on the past and reflecting on history is important — we can learn so much. It’s not about ruminating on past mistakes or regrets, but extracting a lesson and moving forward with renewed motivation and spirit.

When you look back at your company’s past, what lessons can you learn? Are there places where a stronger strategy or a better plan could have resulted in a faster outcome? Where there times when you overlooked customer appreciation or you weren’t as responsive as you should have been? Take these lessons and apply them to your plan going forward.

On this Presidents’ Day, rather than repeating history, let’s learn from it and move forward with hope and focus. The path to your company’s growth and greatness lies ahead.

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