stop wishing start doing

“Stop wishing. Start DOING.”

We’re always trying to be the best there is—and that’s not a bad thing! But oftentimes, we get so bogged down with perfecting, we end up spinning our wheels rather than getting the ball rolling. We spend weeks trying to perfect our website before unveiling it (even though it’s already 99% there), or sketching out content before taking things live (even when we’re confident in our strategy).

While planning is important, it’s easy to get stuck. At some point, you have to take Nike’s advice and “Just Do It.” In today’s world, information moves quickly and trends are ever-changing with the latest technologies. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and start crafting the perfect answer and approach, or wishing you had everything in place and aligned before you have to begin. Well, technology’s not going to wait.

Plan, test, and execute so you don’t get left behind, wishing for the perfect plan to reveal itself.

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Marketing creativity is the ability to tap into our mental pool of resources — knowledge, information, insight, stats, examples — and combine them in unique ways. The larger the library of creative building blocks, the more visionary your ideas will grow to be.

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