Seek Respect

Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer.

Anyone can get attention. Nowadays, anything extreme, shocking or trendy can bring short-lived fame. So often, companies seek to be the next big thing. We hear a lot of talk about the concept of creating “viral content.”

The thing about viral content? It spreads fast and hot, and then it dissipates and goes away. It doesn’t really tell people what you’re about; it simply gets your name out there for a brief period of time…which is fine once and awhile, but it’s not a reliable tactic for creating lasting customer loyalty.

Be more than just a flash in the pan or the flavor of the day. Building your brand’s reputation and using consistency to garner customer respect will take you further than simple attention.

Attention doesn’t mean respect. It’s a lesson we learn in elementary school: the class clown can get plenty of attention (negative, positive or otherwise), but that doesn’t mean they’re earning their peers’ respect. Respect is hard won. It is earned. Building on a solid reputation and giving people what they want and need consistently will earn the respect of your customers, employees, and ultimately your industry. Always aim for respect over notoriety.

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