Exceed Customer Expectations

Always deliver more than expected.

We’ve all heard the advice, “under-promise, over-deliver.” While we don’t advise excessive “under-promising,” it’s always good to keep timelines and commitments realistic. Delivering a consistent, reliable product, managing expectations, then meeting and exceeding them is the goal of great customer service…and it also leads to increased customer retention.

Complacency can be damaging to your company. Relying on the status quo keeps us from examining customer wants and needs and constantly rising to meet them. A happy customer is great, but a customer who sees you as indispensable? Well, that’s gold.

To know if you’re delivering on what your customers want (and going beyond their hopes) you first need to be very clear about their desired outcomes. Understand your customers and what products and actions will “wow” them and you can be sure they’ll keep coming back for more.

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