Don’t just think about it. Do it.

Just do it. One of the most famous and powerful slogans is really a call to action. How often do we have ideas that we hold back, thinking the time isn’t quite right, or out of fear and the inability to communicate? Well, now’s the time—just do it. Turn your ideas into action!

There are many ways to convey your ideas to your customers and turn those ideas into reality. Even if you aren’t in a traditional entrepreneurial mindset or your career isn’t obviously creative, you can still find ways to take your ideas to the next level. Take new and fearless approaches to digital marketing: start a blog, speak up on social media, create a newsletter, and find innovative ways to get your message to your customers.

It can be hard to be proactive. Resolve to give one new idea a try TODAY. Try something small, but also think of ways to expand on your ideas. Don’t just think about it—do it!

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Marketing creativity is the ability to tap into our mental pool of resources — knowledge, information, insight, stats, examples — and combine them in unique ways. The larger the library of creative building blocks, the more visionary your ideas will grow to be.

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