Your real hero is your customer, so write your story about them. Better yet: Tell their stories. –Cultivate Communications

Telling your company’s compelling startup tale, your CEO’s Horatio-Alger biography, or your best elevator pitch can breathe life into your brand and draw in your customers, but it’s just scratching the surface of the tale. The true narrative should be between you and your customer. How has your product, your service, or your brand touched and changed their lives?

Your real hero is your customer, so write your story about them. Better yet: Tell their stories.

Even the most creative of us struggle to extract a bestseller from seemingly benign interactions. Below are a few ideas to help you concoct a page-turner:

  • Sometimes just getting started can be the biggest battle. Check out 5 Ways to Tell a Great Marketing Story for inspiration.
  • A true legend is fraught with emotion, humanity and depth—not always something you expect in business-to-business communications. Here’s How to Forge a Human Connection.
  • Crafting your story requires a deep understanding of your customers, as your customers are both your characters and your audience. How well do you know your audience? As you develop your strategy, consider these 9 questions to help guide you.
  • To add a little intrigue and creativity to your story, check out JJ Abrams’ (television writer/director of LOST and the forthcoming Star Wars movies) TED Talk on “The Mystery Box.” Add that same engagement to your marketing story by giving customers a reason to look deeper, interact, solve a puzzle, or even play a game.
  • Never underestimate the power of storytelling when it comes to crafting your social media strategy. A shareable, likeable story can lead to more likes and translate into more customers. Read these 4 Steps to Get Noticed on Social.

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