Grow Your Business | 5 Steps to Becoming an Authority in Your Industry

Do you think your industry is overcrowded? Think again. Your company’s sales growth depends on how it’s viewed within the industry. And you, in turn, can have a big influence on the way the company is perceived.

In fact, you may already have laid the groundwork for becoming an influencer. Having an established product or a technical edge is a good start. From there, simply follow these steps that are available to anyone – not just established superstars.

Focus on a niche. Specializing in a targeted niche is essential. It won’t limit you; rather, it boosts your chances by defining a specific, reachable audience. Brainstorm keywords associated with your specialty, and then winnow down the list to a few that you want to “own.” When people think of these words or use them in Google searches, you want your name to pop up at the top of the list.

Write blog posts. To establish yourself as an expert, you must blog. It’s not necessary to post a new entry every day, but you must do it often. Provide valuable content that’s congruent with your area of expertise, and be sure to incorporate your keywords. Think of your blog as an enormously powerful endorsement for yourself and your product/service.

Write guest posts for other blogs. Find high-traffic blogs in your area of interest. Send the editor great content that represents your best work. Avoid any hard-sell of yourself or your business; instead, entertain and inform the audience. Both you and the blog editor will enjoy the increased traffic. (Your traffic increases when you include a link to your blog in your signature line.)

Provide seminars/webinars. Seminars and webinars can turn your speaking skills into a reliable, repeatable source of reputation enhancement and income. They require lots of promotional effort up front, but once established they can take on a life of their own.

Help others succeed. This tip enhances every strategy you take on. Being an industry authority is a form of servient leadership. Your selfless approach to providing highly relevant content and ideas within your industry should help others be successful also. Their success is your success.

Becoming an authority is within your control. Figure out where you spend most of your effort, skill and money, and then share your expertise generously and consistently.

Bob Wendt, President
Cultivate Communications


Photo Credit: Sequoias (Joi Ito) / CC BY 2.0