Peanut Butter & Jelly SandwichAt some point in history peanut butter joined jelly, gin met with tonic, Lennon merged with McCartney. Today Cultivate Communications and Data Dog “Come Together.” We are very excited about this merger. As Aristotle once said:

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

How does this help you? Connecting with customers in today’s chaotic world can feel like an uphill and never ending battle.

We are joining creative forces to help you find:

  • ROI: Discover measurable marketing options to determine effectiveness.
  • The right recipe: A dash of this, a dab of that… find out which marketing components make a balanced multi-channel strategy specifically for your needs.
  • Your inner dork: Learn about the latest technologies and integrated marketing tactics from a team who can explain something as complicated as SEO in plain, old-fashioned English.
  • More time in the day: Too busy to juggle it all? Don’t rely on an intern to represent you to the online world. Rest assured your digital & social marketing lay in the hands of professionals.

Cultivate’s new collective team can help your business with social media, SEO/SEM consulting, digital design, blogging, content management, email marketing, interactive print campaigns and more.

On a personal note, from one business owner to another, my goal is to give you peace of mind; that you are investing in the right strategy, using the right message and delivering in the right way.

Would you join us in celebrating this merger? Shall we pour a virtual drink?


Bob Wendt, President
Cultivate Communications

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